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About Me

My name is Greg Scott, and I am the founder and owner of Photo Squirrel! I first picked up a camera back in 2000 while stationed in the Mojave Desert. Since that time, I've worn many hats (Marine, baker, IT guy, garbageman, and trainer among those!), but my love for photography never changed. In 2016, I had the opportunity to finally take my hobby into the world of small business. The result? Photo Squirrel.

While I primarily specialize in headshot photography, I also find great enjoyment in portrait and family photography! My style is best described as authentic, but better. Through careful composition, creative direction and the lightest of retouching, I ensure that anybody who steps in front of my lens will come away with images that they'll cherish. You will look like you on your best day!

Of course, talk is one thing; proof is another. Check out my portfolio and then contact me when you're ready to book your own session! Let's make something amazing together.